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About Binary Options

What are Binary Options?

Binary options are predictions in which direction will prices of certain assets (commodities, indices, currencies or stocks) move. Almost like on the stock market, with the main difference, that we are not selling or buying, we are only investing in our predictions in which direction will value of assets move, up or down. We are interested in for an example is the price of  Euro against the price of U.S. Dollar going up or down, in the certain period of time. If we invest in the option and predict that it is going down and our prediction then come true, we earn the money. Binary options are so-called because they have only two possible outcomes, the prediction is correct or not. Trading binary options is one of the best ways to invest money online. They can bring you a high rate of returns in a very short period of time. All of the risks and returns are known before you invest, so you will always know how much you can gain with the right prediction.


Why would I trade Binary Options?

Binary Options are one of the best ways to earn money online. They can bring you a very high returns in short period of time. Trading them can be fun and comfortable. You can gain a nice profit from your home, just by deciding in which direction will the values of trading assets move. A great advantage of trading them is that you will always know what are the returns on the right prediction and how much you can lose with unsuccessful trades. Usually the returns on successful trades are from 70%, up to 95%. You can trade from as little as 30 seconds to up to several months.


Are Binary Options a Scam?

Binary Options are not a scam. They are a completely legal way of investing money online. As a trader you will always know how much you can gain with the right prediction and what are possible losses. You can trade them anywhere and anytime you want and earn a great profit with the right approach towards trading.


How to start trading Binary Options?

You can read it on our How It Works page for detailed presentation.


History of Binary Options

Binary Options have a long history. The basics of trading have been designed in early seventies of the past century, but were only available to certain traders and individuals with high net worth property. In 2007, when the OCC (Options Clearing Commission) recommended the changes on the trading Binary Options market, trading became available to other smaller, occasional traders. Therefore, the trading became popular in 2008, especially when the global financial crisis began. At first Binary Options became approved in US, by US Securites and Exchange commission, after that by other regulatory agencies around the globe. Most well-known are CySEC (Cyprus Securites and Exchange Commission) in Cyprus, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in United Kingdom and ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) in Australia. The first two Binary Options providers which began offering Binary Options trading to all customers were AMEX (American Stock Exchange) and CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange). After the year of 2008, the Binary Options trading became popular all around the world. Nowadays, they are one of the most popular methods of earning money online. Trading is accesible to almost anyone and represents one of the most popular ways of earning money online and from the comfort of your home.





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